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Internal Committees

External Committees

Arts and Lecture Committee

Provide cultural programs, speakers, and films for the community. 

Library/Historical/Archival Committee

Reviews and recommends policies pertaining to the FLITE and archives of the University.

Student Life Committee

Defines and recommends to the Academic Senate institutional policy as it affects students.


Senate Diversity Committee

Promotes diversity awareness and acceptance within the academic community in order to enhance student retention.

Honors FLIGHT Program

Raises money to send WWII veterans to visit their memorial in Washington D.C. This organization hosts an annual event at FSU. This event houses veterans, sends them to Grand Rapids and then out to Washington D.C.

Town Gown Committee

Community meeting between the city, county, and Ferris State University regarding updates, information, and future projects that are occurring in each area.

PRIDE Committee

Meeting dates: Meet in the summer

Look to review ways to increase Ferris Pride throughout campus, plans Founder’s Day t-shirt exchange.

Bookstore Committee

Students share input on rates, location, and promotion of events.

Diversity Plan Committee

Advise and assist administration with the evaluation and continuation of Ferris State’s Diversity.

Strategic Planning and Resource Council (SPARC)

Review and change the Ferris State Mission Statement, Vision Statement Direction, and Goals through the suggestions and comments of faculty, students, staff, administrators, alumni, and others.

Political Engagement Project

Get students more engaged in political conversation on campus.

Housing Focus Group

Discuss housing issues in order to make residence life better for all students.

DPS Appeals Committee

Reviews written parking ticket appeals and renders decisions on whether to uphold, deny, or reduce the fine.


BEYOND Diversity Committee

Create a steering committee to help oversee the events and activities throughout the year.

Student Fees Committee

Discusses student fees. Student Government representative will be charged with providing input and to report any fee changes that may occur.

International Student Advisory Council

Group of student leaders from various multicultural student organizations work alongside the Office of International Education to plan events and increase solidarity among these respective organizations.

City Commissions Committee

Meeting dates: 1st & 3rd Monday at 6:30

Mayor Mark Warba & the City Commissioners meet and discuss issues facing the big rapids community.

DPS Oversight Committee

Focus on the upkeep of DPS’ mission and core values.

Career Center Advisory Council

Works with CLACS office to come up with strategies for the Career Center.

Student Leadership & Activities Advisory Council

Works with students who want to register new student organization. Votes to approve new RSOs, provides resources for New RSO success, and votes on Five Star Event Application.

Mecosta County Chamber of Commerce

Discuss the possibility of implementing a program where Ferris students would be able to job shadow and work with different businesses in the community.

OMSS Advisory Group

Assists committees, such as Latino/a Heritage Celebration, Native American Heritage Celebration, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, etc. Composed of faculty staff, and students that will provide insight and support of cultural awareness events and initiatives.

Earth Week Committee

Helps coordinate Earth Week programming.

Downtown Business Association Committee

Representation of the students to communicate with businesses in downtown Big Rapids.

City Hall Meeting

During hearing of the public, a Student Government representative will give a report on FSUSGA’s endeavors and programming. Reps will then come back and update the general assembly on the current business of the city.

Athletic Advisory Committee

Reviews and recommends policies pertaining to the conduct of intercollegiate athletes.


Health Promotion Committee

Discusses and makes recommendations concerning campus-wide substance abuse issues and policies.

 Big Rapids Community Outreach Committee

The Big Rapids Community Outreach Committee is designated by the Office of the President to collaborate, communicate, and assist with outreaching to the greater campus communities. Specifically, the BRCO Committee shall work with the City of Big Rapids to maintain an open channel of communication and to assist in efforts to bridge the gap between non-university and university functions.

Campus Affairs Committee

The Campus Affairs Committee is designated by the Office of the President to create, promote, and facilitate the campus events and activities sponsored by Student Government. Additionally, the Campus Affairs Committee will help promote and assist in other campus events by other organizations or departments that impact the student body. 

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is designated by the Office of the President to work with the Director of Public Relations to maintain a transparent and ethical communication across campus. The committee members will operate and update social media profiles, the website, coordinate and assist in the design and production of programming posters, create the semester newsletter, and keep communication channels open with alumni. 


Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is designated by the Office of the President to gather and seek information on diversity and inclusion on campus. They will create an action plan to help further the diversity efforts of the campus and develop an inclusion plan for all students on campus. Additionally, the D&I Committee will meet with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Multicultural Student Services to help further their academic and student affairs goals and missions. 

The BIG Event Committee

All members of the GA are members of the BIG Event Committee. These members assist in an array of facets to further the mission of the event. However, an individual can be apart of these committees without being a member of Student Government. 



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