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About Finance Division

The Finance Division is a sub-committee of Student Government that is responsible for managing and allocating the Student Activity Fund of Ferris State University. The fund is collected through the Student Activity Fee charged to students each semester. The Student Activity Fund allows Registered Student Organizations to request funding for events or travel.


Student Government and the Finance Division firmly believe that supporting extracurricular involvement leads to academic success, giving students the opportunity to learn additional skills and tools through programming and/or travel. 

The members of Finance Division are asked by the Director of Finance and the Student Government General Assembly to determine the following facts when funds are requested:


First, members must determine the feasibility of the event or travel requested. Does the event or travel coincide with Ferris' Core Values? Is the event or travel requested in the appropriate time frame? 


Second, members must be fiscally conservative and analyze the cost vs. benefit of the funds requested. Will the event or travel make a large impact to students? Will the amount requested only impact a few? Will the skills learned come back to campus and be spread from the RSO? These are all factors and questions asked by the division commonly each year.

Lastly, members are asked to think objectively and understand they are representing the whole student body.

Frequently Asked Questions

My registered student organization would like to go on travel to a conference, however, we've only been an RSO for 6 months. Can we request money? 

We're afraid you are not finance eligible and cannot request funds. All RSO's have a one year probation before they can request funding from Finance Division. 

How much money can we request?

Well, this ultimately depends on what you are requesting. Do you plan to have an event on campus or are you requesting funds for travel? Travel allocations can only request up to $1,000, regardless of where the travel is and how many students are going. As for events, this depends on the impact for the FSU community. There is no written limit, however, the Finance Division will be weighing the cost-benefit of your event and if it is worth the amount requested.

How do I fill out the paperwork?

Each section of the paperwork describes what is needed. If you need help or have a question regarding the paperwork, visit the Student Government office (UC 121A) and ask to speak to a Finance Division member. Or, you can email you question to the division at

Where do I submit the paperwork?

Paperwork can be submitted to the Student Government office in UC 121A (next to the CLACS office).

What are the time limits or constraints of when paperwork needs to be filed?

Paperwork must be turned in before or by 5pm on the Tuesday before the meeting date you plan to present at.

Contacting Us

We encourage all students who have questions to reach out to us. Our office is located in the University Center, Room 121A. Our office is the Student Government Office, since we are a sub-committee.


Phone: 231-591-2030


Our meetings are every other Tuesday at 5 pm in the University Center, Room 213.

You may also email specific members, including the Director of Finance or the Administrative Assistant. Please navigate to the Finance Division Members page for this information. 

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