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Mission Statement

The mission of the FSUSGA is to represent Ferris State University student interests in all aspects of campus life and to maintain open channels of communication between students, faculty, staff, administration, and the Big Rapids community.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Office of the President during the 2021-2022 academic year is to promote the efforts of FSUSGA and raise awareness of various social issues which impact students on campus and the surrounding community.


Through efforts in programming and facilitating events, promoting engagement in registered student organizations, and allocating funds responsibly, the vision of the Office of the President and the General Assembly will be accomplished.

Ferris State University's Core Values

Collaboration: Ferris contributes to the advancement of society by building partnerships with students, alumni, business and industry, government bodies, accrediting agencies, and the communities the University serves.


Diversity: By providing a campus which is supportive, safe, and welcoming, Ferris embraces a diversity of ideas, beliefs, and cultures.


Ethical Community: Ferris recognizes the inherent dignity of each member of the University community and treats everyone with respect. Our actions are guided by fairness, honesty, and integrity.


Excellence: Committed to innovation and creativity, Ferris strives to produce the highest quality outcomes in all its endeavors.


Learning: Ferris State University values education that is career-oriented, balances theory and practice, develops critical thinking, emphasizes active learning, and fosters responsibility and the desire for the lifelong pursuit of knowledge.


Opportunity: Ferris, with a focus on developing career skills and knowledge, provides opportunities for civic engagement, leadership development, advancement, and success.



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