General Assembly Senate

Senate Leader


Meredith Whitmer

My name is Meredith Whitmer. My role on student government is Senator for the College of Education and Human Services. I am involved in the outdoor club, E board of LEAD by design and member, tutor for MI virtual charter academy, and mentor for school of education. I am involved with student government to be knowledgeable of what is going on around campus. A fun fact about me is I love to read and hammock.

College of Arts and Sciences

Alex Hand

Jade Quinn

College of Business

Marlee Kurdsiel

Hello! My name is Marlee Kurdziel. I am a first year student currently studying Music and Entertainment Business here at Ferris State. I am an active member of the Music and Entertainment Business Association (MEBA) here on campus, and this is also the organization I represent. I also serve as the head of the Campus Affairs Committee within the SGA. I joined Student Government because I wanted to allow myself networking opportunities throughout our campus while also having the privilege of representing a program and student organization that I am proud to be a part of. In my free time, I enjoy attending live music events and drinking various caffeinated beverages. 

College of Health Professions


College of Professional and

Technological Studies



College of Education and

Human Services



College of Engineering Technology


Daniel Buby Jr.


My name is Daniel, and I am the Senator for the College of Automotive Engineering Technology. Outside of student government I participate in SAE Formula Electric. I joined student government to assist in the growing and development of the college of engineering. Also to create networking ties in the engineering world. A fun fact about me is that I am a certified automotive mechanic! I have owned 6 cars, 2 trucks, and 2 motorcycles in my life.

Jonathan Ward